This is crapestry.

I’ve been essentially using this WordPress blog as a gallery website since 2008.

However, I’m now going to be posting my latest works, and any news, as blog posts.

The site will be essentially the same, with a gallery menu of collections, but followers of crapestry will now be informed of new works as occasional posts.



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The author has asserted his right to post all text/images within this site under a Creative Commons License (text/images that are not the property of Theo Humphries have been identified as such and therefore may be exempt from Creative Commons). For more information, please visit


4 thoughts on “This is crapestry.

  1. The word for taking two words and smashing them together to make a new word is “portmanteau”. 🙂

    Also, awesome blog–I am so pleased.

    1. Yes, a previous version of this text from 2006 said “I’ve invented (insofar as one can) the word ‘crapestry’, which is a contraction of the words ‘crap’ and ‘tapestry’. This frivolous act of portmanteau is not to be taken too literally; I do not consider these works to be of ‘crap’ quality by any means”, but I took it out when reworking the text. Thank you for your comment though! Theo.

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